Bangkok International Documentary Award 2021

Bangkok International Documentary Awards (BKK DOC)

Bangkok International Documentary Awards (BKK DOC).

Bangkok International Documentary Award 2021 The BKK DOC Documentary Film Festival will screen selected and award-winning documentaries in each category. The film festival will be held from 16-19 December 2021 at the Goethe-Institut and Alliance Francaise, Bangkok, and the online festival organized under cooperation with will offer a feature film screening From 1-31 December 2021.

BKK DOC was founded by Stephane Lambert, filmmaker, a long time resident of Bangkok, and co-founder and organizer of “Asian Side of the Doc Bangkok 2016” the first ever documentary film market in Thailand.
Stephane established BKK DOC in March 2020 to motivate a community affected by the health crisis and promote documentaries and its talents in and around South East Asia, starting with Thailand.

Bangkok International Documentary Awards (BKK DOC) poster
Bangkok International Documentary Awards (BKK DOC) poster. Image: BKK DOC.

Here is a trailer of one of the documentaries to be screened at the BKK DOC:

Phil’s Journey

By Yeong R. Chen/ Taiwan
Nominated for Best Chinese Documentary


Duration: 93 min
18th December 2021 12:00 @ Goethe-Institut

In 1998, Phil Tchernegovski, a New Zealander drifted alone in Taiwan to look for his missing son. Although his son was never found after many fruitless searches, Phil gained love and friendship from many Taiwanese.Kindness between people is regardless of nations and races, and it’s a human nature that touches us all. This documentary tries to trace a father’s journey for searching his beloved son, and tries to present how he recovered from his initial pain of
losing son and turned it into his love for Taiwan at the end.

Director Biography – Yeong R. Chen
Associate Professor of Providence University at Taiwan

2017 Short Feature Film: Sorrow, Joy, Parting & Reunion
2012 Short Feature Film: The Mirror
2012 Short Documentary Film: A Smoking Skyline
2008 Documentary Film : The Subtropical Challenges of Green Building
2006 Documentary Film: An Investigation of the Huangmei Opera Film Genre, Ling Po

Festivals & Awards
– 7th Art Independent International Film Festival Submission Date
– Sweden Film Awards
– Madrid Indie Film Festival

For more info check the website of Bangkok International Documentary Awards (BKK DOC)

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