Facebook’s smart glasses are an attempt to profit from our narcissistic culture, and also a cause for privacy concern

Facebook logos

Facebook logos. Image: geralt (Pixabay).

Facebook’s partnership with Ray-Ban to bring smart glasses to the market is not an innovation that solves any real-world problems – only the company’s unquenchable need to monetise the private data of its users.

It is always necessary and valuable to ask what problem is being solved when confronted with a new technology or innovation. Facebook’s ‘Ray-Ban Stories’ smart sunglasses – which can take photos, record video, answer phone calls, and play podcasts – need such interrogation.

According to Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook Reality Labs, Facebook is attempting to build a product “that helps people actually be in the moment they’re in.” He explained that being able to capture a video or picture by simply touching your sunglasses would be better “than having to take out your phone and hold it in front of your face every time you want to capture a moment.”

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Norman Lewis

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