29 unemployed bargirls in Pattaya arrested for doing online livestreaming

Parked Police Pickup

Parked Police Pickup. Photo: Dickelbers. CC BY-SA 4.0.

29 unemployed bar girls and one foreign national were arrested by Chonburi police yesterday evening in the Pattaya area for allegedly breaking Covid-19 rules by gathering with many people in a small place to perform online live streams for foreign customers overseas.

Due to Covid-19 rules and restrictions, all entertainment venues nationwide in Thailand have been closed for approaching three months, putting an estimated tens of thousands of people in Pattaya alone out of work with little to no financial aid given from the Thai government to the sector. As Pattaya is so reliant on tourism and the entertainment sector, with some estimates stating as much as 80% of the total GDP of the area coming from tourism, the closures with no financial assistance have caused many people to seek income from alternative revenue streams.

Full story: thepattayanews.com

By Adam Judd
The Pattaya News

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