Chiang Mai zoo tigers combat heat stroke by eating frozen chicken

Tiger at a zoo in Thailand

Tiger at a zoo in Thailand. Photo: Piqsels.

Thailand’s Tiger Kingdom Zoo in Chiang Mai is innovating to keep the tigers cooler, as temperatures in the country have risen sharply over the past two months.

The keepers offer the animals frozen chicken twice a day to lower their body temperature. They have also installed small pools so they can take a dip when the Chiang Mai sun gets hot.

Temperatures in Thailand during this time of the year are usually around 35ºC, sometimes reaching 40ºC, plus the high humidity typical in the country. Therefore, it is common for tigers to suffer from heat stroke.

April is the hottest month of the year with average temperatures ranging from 28ºC to 32ºC. Bangkok and Sukhothai are among the hottest places in the country, with maximum temperatures that can reach 36º and 38ºC, and perhaps more.


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