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Big contradiction in reported COVID-19 infection numbers in Samut Sakhon

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View of Samut Sakhon

View of Samut Sakhon City. Photo: เดิพ

There is a big discrepancy in the COVID-19 infection figures at a canned seafood exporting company in Samut Sakhon, between those reported by the provincial health office and those from the company’s management.

Responding to a report on social media, which claims that more than 900 employees of the Thai Union Group, a major seafood exporter, have been found to be infected with the virus, Dr.Naretrith Khatthaseema, the provincial health chief, said today that active tests, conducted by health officials of employees of the company, have confirmed that more than 900 are infected.

He said that the provincial health office has already reported to the Bangkok-based CCSA twice, the infection figures of 541 and 470, adding that the figures came from tests conducted in all the factories affiliated with the company.

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1 thought on “Big contradiction in reported COVID-19 infection numbers in Samut Sakhon

  1. Read the ThaiPBS story you got this from again, and your summary. Where is the “big contradiction” ? At most there is a difference of about 100 (900 vs 541+470), easily explained by the daily number changing quickly and reported to authorities at different times during the day. Those differences have always been reconciled in the next day’s CCSA figures. It would probably be better if Samut Sakhon did not report daily figures as well as CCSA, because they will always be different due to time of day.

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