Foreign Tourist attacks motorbike drivers in fit of rage near Walking Street

The popular Walking Street in Pattaya

The popular Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. Photo: Biswajit Majumdar.

Pattaya – A foreign tourist, who is believed to be from the UK, was arrested last evening around Midnight when he attacked a motorbike driver after the driver refused to give the intoxicated and angry man a ride.

According to multiple witnesses, the man, who has not been named to the press, stormed out of a Mcdonalds restaurant in a foul mood, kicking the door and screaming at staff. The man, who is of a large and intimidating stature, went to the motorbike stand in front of the restaurant. He demanded a ride, screaming at the drivers. Restaurant employees we spoke with stated that the man was in a foul mood at the restaurant, berating and hassling staff and other customers and was asked to leave.

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