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Four Arab Nations Refuse to Host EU Reception Centers for Refugees

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Refugees in Macedonia

Refugees in the Greek-Macedonian border. Photo: Dragan Tatic.

Egypt rejected the idea, agreed during a recent EU summit, to ease tensions over migration in the bloc, but praised the German chancellor’s intentions to improve the situation in the refugees’ homelands. Albania, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have also spoken against disembarkation facilities for refugees on their territories.

The speaker of Egypt’s Parliament, Ali Abd al-Aal, has objected to the creation of reception centers for migrants on its territory, supported by the EU summit on June 28.

“EU reception facilities for migrants in Egypt would violate the laws and constitution of our country. The Egyptian law allows in general no establishment of refugee camps,” Abd al-Aal, who co-authored the 2014 Egyptian Constitution, told the German newspaper Die Welt.

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