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Merkel admits no-go zones exist in Germany

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Liberals holding banners reading "One world - Refugees Welcome" during a pro-immigration demonstration in Europe

Liberals holding banners reading "One world - Refugees Welcome" during a demonstration pro-immigration in Europe. Photo: Ilias Bartolini / .flickr.

With the sharp increase in crime in Germany committed by migrants and safety concerns on the rise, when Merkel was questioned on such matters, the German Chancellor admitted that “no-go zones” do exist in Germany, where indigenous Germans do not feel safe. While she didn’t address the matter of migrant crime, admitting that the nation now has areas that are locally considered unsafe inadvertently casts a light on the issue. RT reports:

“No-go areas” do exist in Germany, Angela Merkel admitted in an interview, adding that the arrival of “so many refugees” in the country “has raised multiple questions.”

Speaking with RTL, Merkel acknowledged that there are areas in Germany where people cannot feel safe. She also made it clear that it’s time for the authorities to do something in order to ensure public safety.

“It’s always a point to me that [ensuring] domestic security is the state’s obligation, the state has the monopoly of power, the state has to make sure that people have the right to it whenever they meet and move in a public space,” Merkel argued.

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