Autistic Chiang Mai Girl Fed Alcohol And Raped

Tapae Road and Wat Mahawan, Chiang Mai

Wat Mahawan at Tapae Road in Chiang Mai. Photo: Caspar.

A 15-year-old girl in Chiang Mai said she was raped by an unidentified man while in the care of a relative. The autistic girl had been left alone with the man in the house of the relative, who had gone to work at a karaoke bar. The man gave her liquor to drink, and later raped her in the bedroom.

CHIANG MAI – January 29, 2013 [PDN]; at 9:30 a.m., a mother came to the police station to file a complaint that her daughter was raped. Receiving the complaint was Pol. Sub. Lt. Kingkaew Pohthongkham, investigation officer, Charng Pheuak police station, Amphur Meuang, Chiang Mai province.

The mother, “Mrs. Kor” (alias), is a flower seller. Her 15-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with autism, she told police. She wanted the police to prosecute a man who deceived her daughter by giving her liquor to drink, and then raped her.

Mrs. Kor said that in the late morning of January 24, her daughter had disappeared from the house. So she and her family went out to find her, and tried to make a phone call to her daughter.

But they could not contact her, until finally at 4 a.m. on January 25, her daughter called her mother to say that she was staying with a relative, “Ms. Al” (alias), at the dormitory in Amphur Sansai, Chiang Mai province.

So they went to pick up her daughter to bring her back home. However, Mrs. Kor noticed that her daughter was acting very depressed. So she strongly asked her daughter why she was so depressed.

So her daughter told her what happened. She said that Ms. Al, who works in a karaoke bar in Tambon Charng Pheauk, had driven up with her motorbike the previous morning to pick up her at home. Ms. Al told the girl that she would take her to go travelling.

Then later that night, Ms. Al brought the daughter to drink liquor with an unidentified young man. Then late at night, after Ms. Al had gone to work, the man dragged her into the Ms. Al’s bedroom and raped her, and then he escaped.

After she got raped, her daughter made the phone call to her mother to pick her up and take her back home. After hearing her daughter describe what happened, Mrs. Kor tried to contact Ms. Al, but she had turned off her mobile phone and could not be reached.

Mrs. Kor said that she never thought that this bad event would occur with her family. The crime is especially unfortunate because her daughter suffers from autism, but was cruelly taken advantage of by the rapist.

Now she and her family are afraid that her daughter might have been infected by a severe disease, or gotten pregnant. If she really got pregnant, the family will be suffering hardship, she said. So today Mrs. Kor brought her daughter to notify the police to prosecute the cruel man as soon as possible.

The female investigating officer, Pol. Sub. Lt. Kingkaew, said that she is already getting the notification for evidence. After finishing the initial investigation, she will send the victim to check up her body and mental status at the hospital, with the results to be used for evidence.

The officer will coordinate with the detective police team of Charng Pheuak police station to follow up to locate Ms. Al, in order to find the man who made trouble, and arrest him to prosecute further according to the law.


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