Men In Black were not involved in CentralWorld fire: DSI

Smoke over Bangkok after multiple buildings were set afire in 2010

Smoke over Bangkok after multiple buildings were set afire during the unrest of May 19, 2010. Photo: Somekindofusername.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2012 (NNT) – The Department of Special Investigation has concluded that the so-called “Men in Black” were not involved in the case of the CentralWorld Bangkok shopping-complex fire in May 2010.

DSI chief Tharit Pengdit said that two charges stemmed from incidents at CentralWorld during the political crisis in March-May 2010 are categorized as arson and theft.

Nine suspects have been arrested on charges of both theft and arson. Both cases were forwarded to prosecutors for further action in August 2010. The total cost of damage to the shopping complex was estimated at 8.8 billion baht.

Mr Tharit insisted that contrary to popular belief, the lawsuits involving theft and arson which are separated from terrorism charges did not include the participation of a group of armed men dressed in black ranger uniforms. He elaborated that another terrorism case involving the alleged men in black is ongoing in the criminal court.

Central Pattana, the owner of CentralWorld, took out a Bt3.5-billion insurance policy on its hotel and-shopping complex. If the damage is ruled by the court to have been caused by an act of terrorism, the insurance company will not reimburse for the losses.

Source: NNT

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