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South Korean court imprisons US soldier for raping teen

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

A US soldier has been sentenced by a South Korean court to ten years in prison for raping a teenager.

Although the court declined to identify the 21-year-old pending a possible appeal, media has named him as Pfc. Kevin Flippin. Flippin stood accused of breaking into the eighteen-year-old’s rented accommodation and raping her for hours, stealing 5,000 won (US$4.50). The allegations date to September 24, with the indictment coming that month.

The US government was quick to hand Flippin over and issued an apology following the incident in Dongducheon. Flippin has a week to appeal starting from yesterday’s sentencing. His sentence also requires 80 hours of sexual violence education, and will be public for a decade.

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