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Yala bombings kills 3, injures 40

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YALA, 26 October 2011 (NNT) – At least three people were killed and dozens more were injured when a series of bombings rocked the southernmost province of Yala yesterday.

Eight bombs were detonated at several spots in the heart of the city, including a hotel, a restaurant and the old marketplace. Authorities managed to defuse more than 10 bombs. The incident left three people dead; two of them are believed to be the bombers themselves. More than 40 people were injured.

The bombings are coincidental with the 7th anniversary of the Tak Bai tragedy in Narathiwat province. In the incident, arrested 85 protesters who were stacked on top of one another on the military trucks died of suffocation during the transport to the army camp. The tragedy sparked widespread criticism on authorities’ violation of human rights.

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