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Torrential rains cause flooding in Thailand

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(NECN/MCOT) – Torrential rains cause floods in parts of the North and the Northeast of Thailand and damage a large number of houses and paddy fields.

In the Northern province of Lampang, it has been raining since Friday evening and communities along local rivers in part of Jae Hom district are hit by flash floods and overflows. Floods affect over 300 houses.
Their levels range from 50 centimeters to 1.5 meters.

It is also raining heavily in Phichit, another northern province.

The Yom river which used to virtually dry out and expose its bed is now full of water and is about to overflow.

Especially in Tambon Rang Nok locality of Sam Ngam district which is low land, the level of the Yom river is only less than one meter before its overflowing level. Local people in many villages in the area must move their belongings to upper floors or higher ground.


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