RT host suggests that Ukrainian children should be ‘drowned or burned’

Kharkiv Ukraine

Kharkiv in Ukraine. Photo: Aldekein.

Russian state TV channel RT anchor Anton Krasovsky has been suspended for calling to drown and burn Ukrainian children, the channel’s director Margarita Simonian reported today on her Telegram channel.

“For now I am suspending our cooperation (with Krasovski) since neither I nor the RT collective can allow that anyone could even cross his mind that any of us could share such savagery,” Simonian wrote.

In a live broadcast on October 20, the journalist said that Ukrainian children who saw the Russians as occupiers should have been “thrown into a river with a strong current” or alternatively “put in a hut and burned”.

Krasovsky made this comment in an interview with science fiction writer Sergey Lukianenko, who told him that the first time he was in Ukraine, in 1980, children said they would live better if it were not for the Russians occupying their country.

“What Krasovski said is wild and disgusting. Perhaps Anton will explain what temporary insanity led him to say that. It is hard to believe that Krasovsky sincerely thinks that children should be drowned,” the RT director said.

Both the RT channel and the Sputnik agency, both under the permanent control of the Russian authorities, are under sanctions by the European Union, which suspended their activities on the grounds that they were essential and decisive in promoting and supporting military aggression against Ukraine and destabilizing its neighboring countries.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has also opened a report following an Internet complaint about this case, according to The Moscow Times.

-Thailand News (TN)

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