Instagram star cat killed in mob attack on animal’s owner in New York City

NYPD police car in New York

NYPD police car in New York. Photo: Krokodyl.

The cat known as Ponzu, who had his own Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers, has died after a brawl in which a family beat the animal and his owner in a New York park.

According to the account of the Thai-born owner, Chanan Aksornnan, she was walking with her animals, Tofu the dog, Mango the parrot and Kimchi the kitten, as well as Ponzu, when a child grabbed Ponzu by the leash, shook him and threw him into the air.

The woman and her partner started yelling at the boy for what he had done, when the boy’s relatives appeared, up to eight people who after an argument and exchange of bad words started beating Chanan Aksornnan, punching and kicking him on the ground.

The owner of the animal complained on social networks that the police, once on the scene, did not pay much attention to her and that they believed the version of the aggressor family, who claimed that the cat had attacked the child in the first place.

The NYPD issued a statement with the preliminary version of events, which are under investigation.

-Thailand News (TN)

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