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Pinterest cracks down on ‘hateful’ pro-Trump content in latest Big Tech purge of US president

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Social media icons on smartphone screen

Social media icons on smartphone screen. Photo: Pxhere. CC0.

Pinterest has said that it will restrict keywords used by Donald Trump supporters, joining the ranks of other sites and apps that have deplatformed the US president, claiming his messages could incite violence.

The imageboard platform, best known for its cooking recipes and interior design tips, confirmed that it has been limiting hashtags related to pro-Trump topics, such as #StopTheSteal, in an effort to weed out unsavory content.

#StopTheSteal, as well as other keywords, became popular among Trump supporters after the US president claimed that he had lost the November 3 election due to widespread voting irregularities. The president’s supporters held a large rally in Washington, DC to protest against the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory, which led to a group of demonstrators storming the Capitol. Trump has been accused of provoking the incident, which has been linked to five deaths.

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