German Authorities Infuriated as Munich Islamic Centre Promotes Beating of ‘Unruly’ Women

Muslim migrants in Germany

Muslim migrants in Germany. Photo: pxhere.

Germany faced a major influx of migrants from the Middle East in 2015, which was subsequently followed by a rise in crime across the country and protests by Germans who have demanded changes to migration policies.

The Munich Islamic Centre (IZM) has faced a wave of criticism after controversial content on its website, namely recommendations to husbands on how to handle conflicts within their families, were highlighted by Bayerischer Rundfunk 24. A subsection on the website, titled Wife and Family, suggested, citing the Qur’an, that a husband can beat his “unruly” spouse, albeit only as a last resort after admonishing her and rejecting her in the bedroom.

According to Bayerischer Rundfunk 24, these recommendations have been instructing visitors to the website for the last 15 years. The outlet indicated that the German Muslim Community (DMG) had promised on behalf of the IZM to make amendments to certain sections of the centre’s website back in March 2019, but ultimately failed to do so. The DMG explained the delay as being due to a variety factors, such as illness of those responsible for the site’s content, but vowed to fix everything within two weeks.

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