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Popular Android Apps Found Sending Data to Facebook without Permission

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Instagram Android app

Instagram Android app. Photo: (Pexels).

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A new report put out by campaign group Privacy International found that 20 out of 34 popular Android apps send data to Facebook without asking for permission.

The report echoes the findings of a previous report on health and dating apps.

In short, the apps identified in this report, which include prayer apps, MyFitnessPal, DuoLingo, Kayak, Indeed, Shazam, Skyscanner, Spotify, Trip Advisor, and Yelp, send certain data to Facebook the second they are opened on a phone.

The information includes the app’s name and the user’s unique ID with Google. This information is sent whether or not the user has a Facebook account, but if they do, the info can be tied to a profile, essentially de-anonymizing them. If you consider the fact that multiple apps are contributing to your profile, that means Facebook can create a pretty accurate profile, Android Police reported.

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