Greek Migrant Camp Workers Plan Strike, Protest Overcrowding Crisis

Refugees and migrants arriving in Greece

Refugees and migrants arriving in Greece. Image: Vimeo.

Workers are striking at one of Greece’s most troubled camps to protest overcrowding and inhumane conditions after migration minister Dimitris Vistas called the situation “very difficult, near impossible”.

The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos only houses 3,100 refugees, but struggles to cope with over 8,300 entrants. Protesting squalid conditions, camp workers will begin a work-to-rule action beginning Saturday, with down tools, or a complete cessation of work, next Monday.

In a statement, a staff committee demanded better police protection for both residents and personnel of the camp, among other relief. It also stated that occupants endured “tragic life conditions unworthy of a European country,” adding the situation was “fraught with dangers” caused by “the risk of epidemics, of deaths caused by inclement weather, suicides, or mutinies.”

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