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NGOs smuggle migrants into Europe

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Refugees arriving to Greece

Refugees arriving to Greece from Turkey. Photo: MaxPixel.

Europe’s governments and Soros funding sponsor human trafficking

‘Volunteers’ for two ‘humanitarian’ NGOs were arrested in January and tried for trafficking migrants into Greece, receiving the defense and backing of the Interior Minister of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, and legislative members of Greece’s SYRIZA.

The ‘Team Humanity‘ NGO exists for the purpose of helping migrants cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Greece, which is peddled as a humanitarian effort, but has real demographic and political implications for the nations that end up receiving the migrants.

With the members of the NGO reaching an acquittal, receiving the defense backing of two different European governments, it appears that, as members of an NGO committed to the EU’s migrants policy, they simply are untouchable.

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By Frank Sellers
The Duran

1 thought on “NGOs smuggle migrants into Europe

  1. These are Soros-funded NGOs. These mafia-like NGOs such as Proactiva Open Arms make deals with human traffickers which send the economic migrants to Europe, after a few miles the migrants call the NGOs and they pick up the migrants. It’s a free ferry service for African economic migrants supported by George Soros and the corrupt Spanish government, also a lucrative business for the NGOs.

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