72 years old machete-wielding foreign driver creates chaos in Pattaya

72-years-old foreigner talking to a police officer

A 72-years-old farang talking to a police officer after attacking people with a large knife and running over a person. Photo: Sanook News.

Sanook News reported a 72-year-old Australian expat wielding a knife and attempting to run over a pedestrian after a minor traffic incident in front a school in South Pattaya. The events occurred yesterday October 11.

A video footage shows a foreign man inside a white car rolling down the driver’s window and shouting offensive words. After that, the foreigner got out of his vehicle and took a large knife from the boot of the car. Then he walked away retrieving a machete, hurried back to the car and drove away at high speed injuring one person who was sent flying into the air. The footage showing the expat running towards a Thai man with a machete is blocked by his Nissan car.

A few moments later, another video shows an angry Thai man with wounds on his elbow and the upper forearm, and the Australian expat talking to a traffic police officer near his wife and daughter, who were at the scene. Suddenly the Thai man brutally punched the Aussie in the face, who fell to the ground unconsciously.

Pattaya Police said violence and abuses, on both sides, are being investigated. Authorities are interrogating witnesses and checking CCTV cameras to use as evidence in making a statement to the prosecutor.

Original story with video and more detailed information: sanook.com


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