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Tajikistan Bans Women From Wearing Islamic Veils

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Dushanbe Presidential Palace

Dushanbe Presidential Palace in Tajikistan. Photo: VargaA.

Tajikistan legislators have introduced a bill requiring women to “stick to traditional national clothes and culture,” and the move has sparked controversy with some who argue that it is primarily directed against Islamic clothing.

The legislation is an amendment to an existing law on “streamlining of traditions, celebrations and ceremonies” in the country and, while it does not specifically ban the hijab, Tajik authorities often openly speak about the dangers of wearing Islamic clothing.

Tajikistan’s Minister of Culture, Shamsiddin Orumbekzoda, told Radio Free Europe (RFE) that Muslim dress was “really dangerous” because people looked at women wearing it “with concern,” fearing that “they could be hiding something under their hijab.”

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