‘Brexit Was a Mistake’: Leader of Vote Leave Campaign Confesses to ‘Dumb Idea’

The Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben

The Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben in London, England. Photo: Tony Moorey.

The director of the official Vote Leave campaign, Dominic Cummings has changed his tune saying that the vote to leave the EU was a “dumb idea” and that Brexit was a huge mistake. Mr. Cummings regrets the fact that other alternatives to reform Britain’s relationship with the EU were not considered before going down the Brexit route.

His comments were made during a Twitter exchange on July 4, where Cummings was asked whether he regretted anything about the June 2016 referendum outcome.

He said that the government’s negotiating strategy was “chaotic” and a “farce,” and that Brexit would be a “guaranteed debacle” if Whitehall fails to make substantial changes.

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