Suspected Suicide Attack Kills 5, Injures 10 in Jakarta

Cityscape in Indonesia

Cityscape in Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Three policemen and two suspected suicide bombers died in a terrorist attack late Wednesday outside a busy bus terminal in East Jakarta, police said.

Ten other people were injured in the twin bombings, carried out minutes apart at a time when many police officers were overseeing a parade in the area that was taking place ahead of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

“Once again I must express my deep sorrow because three police officers died,” National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto told reporters at the scene after midnight (local time).

“Two perpetrators were declared dead, who are suspected to have exploded the first and second bombs. Five police officers and five civilians were injured,” he added.

The attack was the first carried out in the Jakarta area since eight people, including four suspects, were killed in an assault by terrorists in the heart of the Indonesian capital in January 2016. Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for that attack.

After Wednesday’s attack, Setyo urged reporters to be careful as security personnel had not finished sweeping the area.

“The area is still dangerous and needs to be secured. We must be vigilant. Our colleagues must maintain their safety while on duty, so please give us time to search the crime scene,” he said.

Setyo linked the attacks to international terrorism, noting the suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England two days ago that killed 22 and injured 64, many of them teenage girls.

“In my view, this is linked to global attacks. We’re prepared, but we don’t know the place and where the action will be carried out,” he said.

Pictures reportedly taken at the scene showed bodies next to a motorcycle parking area and severed body parts on the street.

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