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14-year old Chicago boy arrested for live streaming sexual assault

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A fourteen-year-old boy has been arrested by Chicago Police for live streaming the sexual assault of a fifteen-year-old girl on Facebook.

The charges include aggravated sexual assault and manufacturing and disseminating child pornography. The boy is the first to be taken in by police, but the police are anticipating arrests for up to six men in total who were involved in the assault, not to mention forty others who watched the live stream (however no reports were made to the police). Police spokesperson Jose Estrada said to CNN the video contained close up images of body parts, making the job of identifying those involved a difficult one.

The incident only came to police attention after the girl involved went missing the day of the assault, March 19, she was found two days later. The day after the video aired, the girl’s mother showed Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson screenshots of the video as he was leaving a news conference. Once the girl was found, she was examined in hospital before returning to her family. Unfortunately the attacks didn’t stop after the initial assault, the girl and her family receiving online taunts and harassment during the onset of the investigation.

The ordeal comes not long after a Swedish trial begun regarding three men in suspicion of Facebook live streaming their gang raping of a woman, and another American case that saw a student get nine months behind bars for live streaming her friend’s rape by a man.

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