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New charter to impose harsh penalties on corrupt politicians

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The Parliament of Thailand

The Parliament of Thailand. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BANGKOK, 25 November 2016 (NNT) – Politicians guilty of corruption will face harsher penalties as the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) is preparing to include life and death sentences in the organic law on political parties.

CDC chairman Meechai Ruchuphan said the drafting team will incorporate Section 149 of the Criminal Code into the punishment for selling and buying political positions. Those found guilty of the crime will face a jail term of 5-10 years, life imprisonment or an execution, depending on the severity of their offenses. He explained that the proposal was actually intended to scare and prevent corrupt people from seeking political positions in an unethical way.

Full story: NNT

Reporter: Vipaporn Pooritanasarn
Rewriter: Thammarat Thadaphrom

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