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Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden

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IKEA Centre in Kållered, Sweden

IKEA Centre in Kållered, Sweden. Photo: David Nyrén.

New Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEA indicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims

A Muslim asylum seeker beheaded an IKEA shopper in Sweden this week and killed another one.

The IKEA superstore near Stockholm which witnessed a double murder this week by Eritrean asylum seekers has responded by ending the sale of kitchen knives in-store, and the government has stepped up its policing at asylum-lodgings to defend against a backlash.

The response of the Swedish authorities to the ‘stabbings’ which killed what is reported to be a Swedish native mother and son shopping in the Västerås branch of IKEA – the largest in the country – has mystified some international observers.

Immediately after the attack by the newly arrived migrants, who shared a room in a government asylum shelter and had only arrived in the country less than four weeks before, Swedish police rushed to protect migrant communities from “dark forces in society”.

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