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Police close dog meat shop in Sakon Nakhon

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Mixed dog breed in Thailand

Mixed dog breed in Thailand. Photo: Mattes.

SAKON NAKHON, July 30 – Authorities from the International Animals Trafficking Suppression Special Unit under Provincial Police Region 4 raided a dog meat shop in northeastern province of Sakon Nakhon and arrested three suspects.

The three men said they traveled to villages to buy the dogs in trade for goods or collected corpses of dogs killed by passing vehicles on roads.

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1 thought on “Police close dog meat shop in Sakon Nakhon

  1. The international animals trafficking supression has seen that people in sakon nakhon eating dog but they don t see that other are eating pig and cow and chicken are this not animals . Every land has his culture and so don t impose your religion or culture on the other people …i want eat dog i m free don t disturb me you must not eat pig because it is forbidden in other religion and you must not eat cow because is a holy god in india so international. Animals don t bother other people with your stupid idee same stupid europeen . You are not right who eat dog is right

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