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China Is Demolishing Churches and Stripping Others of Their Crosses, but It Swears It Isn’t Targeting Christianity

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Chinese church at Territy Bazar in Kolkata

Chinese church at Territy Bazar in Kolkata. Photo: Iampinaki.

Chinese authorities have demolished more than 10 church buildings and removed hundreds of crosses from churches in Zhejiang province, home to the largest Protestant population in China, since the start of the year. Around 360 constructions have been affected.

Officials maintain the removals and demolitions are part of the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign targeting all illegal buildings, but religious rights advocates call it a clampdown on religion.

The campaign has resulted in many confrontations in Zhejiang province.

But if photos on social media are any evidence, Christians are also protesting what they call persecution in creative ways, such as hair styled into the shape of a cross and T-shirts calling for the demolition campaign’s end.

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Written by Oiwan Lam
Global Voices

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