Bomb attack against Bangkok anti-govt protesters gets ‘mixed’ reviews from Twitter users

 Bomb attack against Bangkok anti-govt protesters gets ‘mixed’ reviews from Twitter users

Performing a search on twitter for the word “Suthep” gives a range of different opinions from users. While the capital’s protests are languishing and the number of protesters dramatically declining, there are ‘mixed’ reviews on the bomb attack against Suthep’s protesters:

Asanka B Ratnayake ‏@ABRFOTO
Anyone know where suthep is walking tomorrow? Surprised he hasn’t got a Gatorade contract yet

Binh Vong ‏@bvong
The PDRC refused to let police examine the bombing scene and now Suthep is demanding police to uncover the truth? hmm…

Nikolai ‏@thelastagitator
Terrorist, drug addict, armed democratic reform protesters. Suthep hench(wo)men so says CRES.

Turdsak Numsakul Esq ‏@bkkbase
@thehuntinghouse @UDD_English Suthep doesn’t benefit. There wont be a coup. Sure of that. They are betting on an anti-yl court decision.

ThaiMythbuster ‏@thaimythbuster
Suthep challenges police in the case of the grenade attack on protesters. Rumours vary from armed group to fractions inside PDRC itself

Stevie Gell ‏@steviegell
“our press friends had to take cover so this is the only clip we have” – Suthep. Excuse the obvious pun, but I’m totally blown away by that

Speℕcer Moℕt∆gue ‏@SpencerMontague
Suthep: “Bangkok fellows, join me tomorrow. Fight with bare hands, don’t just watch and let them do this to us.”

Speℕcer Moℕt∆gue ‏@SpencerMontague
Suthep: “Tomorrow, people in other provinces, shut your provinces down.”

Rajprasong_News ‏@Rajprasong_News
@caldeiradasilva @Aim_NT And why as DPM Suthep did not order an investigation?//My thought exactly!!

Chris Coles ‏@KrisKoles
@Aim_NT More & more it seems Suthep’s running “secession” movement 2 take So. Thailand/parts of BKK away from Central government control….

Steve ‏@SteveInCM
@Saksith @BPbreakingnews You want real-world logic or crowd-pleasing guff? Suthep doesn’t do both – since they’re mutually exclusive.

chiratran semathong ‏@999Chingchai
RT @Lerlaforever: Suthep: Kamronwit, Yingluck, if u kill me, there will be a million of me coming up.

JMConejo ‏@jmconejo
It is quite sinister: the bombing near Chulalongkorn is giving fresh air to Suthep’s mob when it was languishing… Highly suspicious !

mrglen ‏@mrglenbaker
Interesting, Suthep wants police to come clean about bombings but reserved first inspection for military to tamper with scene and evidence



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