Thai Woman Tricked and Raped By Brazilian Drug Traffickers

Thailand News Breaking News

Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

A 24-year-old Thai woman was invited to visit Brazil by a work colleague, but instead she got raped by black men and ordered to smuggle drugs back to Thailand or she would be killed.

The Paveena Hongsakul foundation helped bring the victim back home. Thai girls are continually being victimized abroad by human traffickers, the foundation warned.

BANGKOK – December 9, 2012 [PDN]: A young Thai woman narrowly escaped becoming an unwilling drug courier after she was tricked by a work colleague into flying to Brazil for a visit. After being raped and beaten, the victim managed to contact her friend, who sought the help of Mrs. Paveena Hongsakul, chairman of the Paveena Hongsakul for children and women foundation.

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