European Union Film Festival set to start on May 30 in Bangkok

Filming an episode

Film production of the series "Flemming" for the ZDF. Photo: Ralf Roletschek.

BANGKOK, 26 May 2012 (NNT) – An annual international film festival, featuring a variety of cinematic works from Europe, is set to take off later this month.

The European Union Film Festival 2012, which is scheduled to begin on May 30th in Bangkok, has boasted to present 23 films from 17 European Union-member countries.

According to organizers, a broad range of film genre will be available for interested movie-goers, from children to drama, romance, comedy and documentary.

Moreover, both latest films and those for the old days that tell stories of Europe in the 1900’s and the foundation of European culture will be available for screening.

Among interesting movies set to be presented this year are “The Substitute”, which is a comedy about an elementary school teacher who can read children’s minds, “Charlotte: A Royal at War” which unveils untold stories during the third Reich empire of Hitler, “Welcome” which tells the account of a 17-year-old boy’s swimming attempt through the English Channel, and “The Flying Pigs” which features the Polish football business.

The Bangkok’s EU Film Festival 2012 will be officially opened on May 30th and run until June 10th at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, before the event moves to Chiang Mai, where it will run during June 15th and 24th.

National News Bureau of Thailand

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