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Thai Army to send more soldiers to help fix the flood barriers in Pathum Thani

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BANGKOK, 12 October 2011 (NNT) – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has instructed the Army to increase manpower to help Pathumthani Governor fix the flood barriers to shield Bangkok from the inundation.

It had been reported during the video conference between Ms. Yingluck and 14 provincial Governors from the Central region that the flood barriers in Pathumthani that are supposed to prevent the floodwater from reaching Bangkok have been damaged.

The report further stated that Pathum Thani residents are against the construction of floodwalls in their province while many sandbags have been missing from the embankment. A plea has been made to the premier to declare Pathum Thani a disaster zone.

Meanwhile, more reinforcement on the embankment in the province has been requested as the influx of water could begin to flood parts of Bangkok by midnight if no barriers are being set up. However, the Prime Minister said there was no need to declare the disaster zone at this time, adding that more manpower will be sent from the Army to attend to the problem.

In addition, Ms. Yingluck has told the Minister of Social Development and Human security to find a location to set up a temporary shelter for flood evacuees.

The premier has also visited the Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand’s operation at Don Mueang Airport which is where patients are flown in from flood ravaged areas by helicopter.

The operation has been supported by over 101 helicopters from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Royal Police Bureau and various hospitals in Bangkok. Ambulances and fire trucks have also been provided by the hospitals and fire stations in the operation to help flood victims.

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