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Condom controversy provokes criticism in Thai society

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A piece of gossip news has recently spread that a parent of a famous 15-year-old actor encouraged her handsome son to carry condoms for use in case of emergency. This news sparked a criticism in the Thai society on whether the mother is doing the right thing or not. Some support the mother while others are against her idea.

Rattana Bundit University President Assoc Prof Sunee Sinthudecha deemed it inappropriate that the mother teaches her 15-year-old son that way. She elaborated that carrying condoms refers to a thirst for sex. She suggested that the mother should teach her son to take care of himself, learn how to love and know what is appropriate instead although condoms are for prevention.

Assoc Prof Sunee, also known as ‘Achan Mae’, literally meaning mother teacher, stressed that she does not want to offend people who carry condoms but she explained that it is absurd to teach teenagers to carry condoms 24 hours a day while the things that people should carry all the time, in her opinion, were money and identity cards. She said she made such comments because she wanted to remind the society and the way people now think of. She uttered that the Thai society now does not even touch on the cultivation of Thai culture at all. She believed that everything has its own limit while the world is getting smaller because of the information technology.

She elaborated that the word human in Thai language ‘Manut’ is derived from Pali word ‘Manusaya’, a combination of ‘Mana’ which means heart and ‘Usaya’ which means ‘Noble’, and when the two words are combined together ‘Manusaya’ hence means ‘human beings’ or ‘those with noble heart’. She said humans are noble beings compared to other animals, and should, therefore, behave appropriately. She concluded her opinion towards this controversy that sex should come after marriage only.

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