100,000 stray dogs on the streets of Bangkok

stray dog in Thailand

A stray dog in Thailand. Photo: framirezle0 (Pixabay)

With some 100,000 homeless dogs on Bangkok’s streets, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority could use a little help

If the Bt14.5 million donated in days to feed and care for the some 2,000 dogs rescued in Nakhon Pathom just as they were to be transported to a neighbouring country to be cooked and eaten is an indication of the love Thais have for canines, how come they are so many strays wandering around the streets?

Part of that, says Dr Montira Thongsari, director general of the health department at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), has to do with cuteness. “Thais tend to love puppies. When the dogs grow up or when the females have pups of their own, they often dump the animals in the street or at temples,” she says.

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