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Thai Defense Minister Clarifies Crackdown of Red-Shirt Rally

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During the House session, the defense minister pointed out that the cracking down of the red shirt rally earlier this year was done lawfully and in accordance to the human rights standards, and that those injured have already been compensated.

Yesterday, the House inquired about the government’s crackdown on the red shirt rally earlier this year.

Roi Et MP Niramit Sujaree from the Pheu Thai Party questioned how the government has been taking responsibility for the deaths and injuries from clashes between the security forces and the anti government protestors.

Niramit also claimed that the government should have used a peaceful means of resolving the dispute instead of using force which resulted in many losses.

The Roi Et MP also asked whether or not the government has been able to bring those responsible for the 91 deaths and more than 2,000 injured to justice.

Defense Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan responded that the government had operated under the Internal Security Act and the Emergency Decree after they were invoked to oversee security.

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