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Is Facebook really making a phone?

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Who says Indian’s aren’t innovative! Heck, Micromax even beat Facebook to a Facebook phone. But jokes aside, late on Saturday night (IST) Michael Arrington of TechCrunch broke the news (rumour?) that Facebook has been secretly working a mobile phone platform. And if this is true, it certainly makes sense because over the last few months Facebook has taken some big steps in expanding their dominance to all areas of the web.

Arrington went on to name two employees that are the prime suspects - Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos. Both have a strong history of working on operating systems.

Joe Hewitt is famous for his anti-iPhone development rant, but he was part of the team that created Firefox and was working with a ‘web based operating system’ Parakey until it was acquired by guess who, Facebook. Papakipos, was a Google employee until June, and not just any employee, he was the lead of the ChromeOS project. Arrington speculates here that perhaps the only thing interesting enough to lure him away from ChromeOS was perhaps a Facebook phone.

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