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Thailand introduces modern science subjects in madrassas

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Islamic School in Southern Thailand

Muslim students in Pondok Yala, Pattani. Photo: udeyismail / flickr.

Narathiwat: Even as debate rages in India on how to upgrade madrassa education system, Thailand has reformed its ‘pondoks’ or seminaries by teaching modern subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and IT along with Arabic and Islamic studies.

“There is no government interference in Islamic teachings. It is just that we’ve included secular subjects like Science, Mathematics and English along with Islamic studies so that the Muslim students can earn a decent livelihood after they pass out of our school,” Mayai Yaya, principal of Attarkiah Islamic School in Meong district of restive Narathiwat province in south Thailand, said.

The school was a pondok (traditional madrassa) which was upgraded to a Islamic School years back. “Islam and modern education goes side by side. We just teach how to behave like a Thai national. School is encouraging this trend so that the students should be proud to be Thai. The philosophy of the school is religion, discipline and knowledge,” he added.

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