Dense Plankton Bloom Threatens Fisheries in Chonburi

Fishing boats on the beach in Thailand

Fishing boats on the beach in Thailand. Photo: clarkelz / Pixabay.

An unusually dense plankton bloom off the eastern coast of Chon Buri province has created an aquatic “dead zone,” posing a threat to local fishermen and mussel farms.

Darkened Water in Patong Caused by Plankton Bloom

Marine scientists have observed that certain areas in the Gulf of Thailand are experiencing over ten times the normal plankton levels, turning the water a vibrant green and causing marine life to perish. Typically occurring once or twice a year and lasting two to three days, plankton blooms can produce toxins harmful to the environment, deplete oxygen levels, and block sunlight, resulting in dead zones.

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By Tanakorn Panyadee
The Pattaya News

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