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Clever street dog in Bangkok fakes broken leg to get attention and food

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stray dog in Thailand

A stray dog in Thailand. Photo: framirezle0 (Pixabay)

This video will leave you surprised, as it shows that not only humans are cunning, because when it comes to wanting to get something until animals act. This is the case of this Thai street dog, who has perfected his trick over time and the truth is that he manages to be very convincing. He’s a drama star.

Called Gaepor by the residents of the area, he is a street dog from Bangkok who pretends he has his left leg broken, in order to get attention and even food from people who stop to watch him.

He is quite an actor, he drags his leg while walking as if he really had pain, after seeing him so convincing he always manages to gain the sympathy of passersby, who try to help him, but once they approach him, the dog resumes his walk in a normal way and excited as if he really enjoyed.

An inhabitant of the area said that the canine comedian, despite having good health and being fed regularly, does not lose the habit of performing his grace.


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