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Swedish Store Facing Boycott for Backing Burkini as ‘Important for Democracy’

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Muslim woman wearing a burkini.

Muslim woman wearing a burkini. Photo: Engin Akyurt / Pexels.

Having proudly launched the all-covering Islamic female swimming garment, the sports chain Stadium briefly halted sales of the item following bitter criticism on social media, only to reintroduce them in their stores, opining that women had the democratic right to conceal their bodies. This step, however, fueled further criticism.

The Swedish sports chain Stadium blamed the brief disappearance of the “Modesty Suit,” a swimming suit adhering to the norms of fundamentalist Islam, on a technical error, stressing its commitment to democracy and universal equality.

“We have chosen to usher in the burkini into our product range because customers demanded it. Stadium stands for universal equality and we think it’s a democratic right to do sports regardless of age, gender, background, religion, beliefs, culture, ethnicity or political values,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

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