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‘Shameless’ Swedish Women Reported to Police for Sexually Abusing Refugees

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Houses near the sea in Sweden

Houses near the sea in Klubbensborg, Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Tommie Hansen.

According to a Swedish whistleblower, the administrators of the Facebook group designed to assist Afghan refugees, were aware of the widespread misconduct, but refused to report the abuse in order not to play into the hands of “racists.”

Stefan Lindquist, the district chairman of Left in the Church of Sweden in the town of Härnösand, has sounded the alarm over the sexual abuse and exploitation of unaccompanied refugees in the Facebook group “Stop expulsions to Afghanistan now,” which involves several Social Democratic politicians. The asylum activist reported a dozen such cases to the police.

“Shameless women offer undocumented boys food and shelter in exchange for abuse. There are stories of everything from slave-like work to widespread sexual abuse and rape,” Lindquist wrote in a Facebook post explaining the situation.

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