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UFO group claims to have evidence of ‘mobile alien bases’ on the Moon

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Full moon and people

Full moon and people. Photo: geralt (Pixabay).

A group of UFO hunters have claimed that there are “mobile alien bases” on rising from the surface of the Moon stating that it may prove the extraterrestrial life exists.

In a theory posted in video form on the YouTube channel ‘SecureTeam10’. The UFO hunters describe the images they had found and studied stating that they depict what they believe to look like a mobile structure on the moon.

The group used Google Moon, a mapping tool similar to Google Earth, to scour the surface of the moon. The images were taken by the Nasa Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the moon for the last seven years. The UFO hunters posted a series of photos taken by the satellite which shows a disc-like object from different angles.
They have claimed that the strange structure is shown at different points of the moon’s surface, signifying that the object is mobile. Additionally, they stated that one image captures the disc-like object in the sky above the moon.

Another photo features a crater which seems to be shaped like a perfect triangle. Using Google Moon, the video compares the landscapes to show that the mysterious triangle crater has now vanished.

The narrator concludes by saying that this footage proves “we were not alone when we went to the Moon.”


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