Meigo Märk (26, Estonia) walking around the world

Meigo Märk (26, Estonia) walking around the world. Photo: The Walk Around the World / Facebook.

It’s possible to walk from Europe to Thailand? 26-year-old Meigo Märk did it

Meigo Märk (26) from Estonia, Northern Europe is on around the world tour by walking. He hopes to walk a minimum of 40,075 kilometers, the distance of the Earth’s equatorial diameter, crossing 40 to 45 countries during 8 or 9 years.

Meigo Mark is now in Bangkok, Thailand.

He started his long walking journey on 2 years, 3 months and 2 weeks ago on May 11, 2014 from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia in Northern Europe.

Using no cars, no buses, no trains, motorbikes or bicycles, Meigo Mark walked more than 3200 kilometers in 10 European countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Then he walked more than 2100 kilometers in Turkey and Iran.

Mark did not walk in Pakistan and after Iran he flew to Mumbai, India and crossed on foot more than 4700 kilometers through India and Nepal, in total 1 year and 22 days.

Then for 1 month he walked in Myanmar and on July 28 he entered on foot to Thailand from Mae Sot border crossing.

In Thailand he has already walked more than 525 kilometers from Mae Sot to Tak – Khampaheng Phet – Nakhon Sawan – Sing Buri – Ang Thong – Bangkok.

On August 30 he will leave Bangkok and continue to walk 250 km to Poipet in Cambodia.

This far my 525 kilometers long walking journey in Thailand has been very beautiful! People have been very friendly and kind to me!, he said.

“Every day 4 to 12 drivers have stopped their vehicles and wanted to give me lift which of course I cannot accept because I travel only by walking” He added. Kind Thai people have given me a lot of free water, some other drinks, food and even money Truly generous and helpful people.”

Meigo Mark travelling around the world by walking, resting in Thailand
Meigo Mark travelling around the world by walking, resting in Thailand. Image: The Walk Around the Earth – Facebook.

In 2 years, 3 months and 2 weeks Mark has:

– walked total 10,950 kilometers in 16 countries (next week will celebrate 11,000 km of walking)
– used 11 pairs of shoes
– lived and slept in more than 155 different homes with local families
– also slept more than 250 night in a small plastic tent
– slept in hotels, temples, monasteries, army camps, hospitals, police stations, ambulance stations, empty houses, schools and many other places
– walked many weeks at a temperature of 42°C in Rajasthan, India
– walked and camped on the snowy mountains in Turkey at a temperature of -17°C
– visited many schools and universities and has given inspirational talks to more than 5,500 students in different countries
– made thousands of photos and videos from local people, nature and environment
– collected many stories and interviews from local people
– shared some of his experiences in Facebook page The Walk Around the World.

Mark does not want to break any Guinness speed or distance record. He is doing it because he can do it, he loves doing it and for him it feels now like the only right way to be, to live.

He feels this journey is helping him to become more rich and better human being.

By Meigo Märk

You can follow Meigo Mark’s walking journey on his Facebook page The Walk Around the World

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