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‘Rosters are brutal’: Ex-Emirates pilot tells RT how airline forces employees to work extra hours

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Airbus A380 Emirates taking-off from JFK, New York

Airbus A380 Emirates taking-off from JFK, New York. Photo: Maarten Visser.

An ex-Emirates pilot has told RT that the company forces its pilots to take heavy workloads by “bullying” them into accepting tough rosters, amid mounting reports from other pilots of Dubai-based airlines in the wake of the FlydubaiGate scandal.

The Emirates airlines’ management displays a callous disregard for the needs of its pilots, an ex-Emirates pilot told RT on condition of anonymity, stressing that none of the “many fatigue reports” he filed were taken seriously. Additionally, he was told that his promotion was delayed because he had “called sick and… fatigued too often.”

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