Anonymous Hacks Over 5000 Pro ISIS-Supporters Twitter accounts

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

Anonymous Lastly Launched a Public Attack against ISIS on 16 Nov,2015 Stating in their Video, ” Anonymous From All Around the World will Hunt You Down And Will Hack You “. Since Then Anonymous started a new Twitter Account with the Name ” #OptParis ” which officially Confirmed that Anonymous is in state of War against Isis.

The Next Day, Isis responded to Anonymous Thread by calling Anonymous ” Idiots ” And providing 5 Tips to avoid Hacking to its supporters. Isis mainly stated to use ” Telegram ” App with auto-destruction Of Message immediately leaving no tracks behind. Soon After, Anonymous replied with hacking over 3500 + Isis Supporters Twitter’s Account.

Update: Anonymous posted an Update, ” We have Owned Over 5000 Pro Isis-Supporters Accounts”. Anonymous Reportedly is going to leak out the hacked Information out soon.

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