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Gunman Grabs 4000 Baht From Pattaya Family Mart

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Family Mart convenience store in Thailand

Family Mart convenience store in Thailand. Photo: Yasu.

A gunman wearing a motorbike helmet with a visor concealing his face robbed a Family Mart store in north Pattaya. He escaped with 4,000 baht and a 50-baht phone refill card. The store’s CCTVs got only a fleeting image of the robber’s face when he briefly raised his helmet.

BANGLAMUNG – December 3, 2012 [PDN]; a report of a man using a gun to rob a Family Mart was received by Pol. Lt. Capt. Atsawin Janto, detective officer at Banglamung police station.

The robbery occurred at the Family Mart, Wat Tung Grad branch, 82/3 moo 8 near the entrance to Seethammaram temple on Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya inbound, Banglamung, Chonburi.

Waiting for the police were the store manager and the two female staff members on duty when the robbery occurred. They were identified as Ms. Anchalee Lanlee, or Kee, 21 years old; and Ms. Sakunrat Lampao, 17 years old. The two female clerks were still in shock over the robbery. Ms. Kee broke into tears when she described what happened to police.

She said that she and Ms. Sakunrat had been working alone at the store. Ms. Sakunrat was in the refrigerator arranging items, while Ms. Kee was behind the checkout counter in front. At about 3:44 a.m., the shop was empty.

Then a man entered. He was tall and slender, about 25-30 years old, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and a white helmet with a full visor that covered his face. The man asked for a 50-baht phone refill card. Ms. Kee took it out, but he did not pay for it.

He raised his helmet, and she saw a little of his face. The man then raised the rim of his jacket to show her a gun. He then told her to give him all money behind the counter, and pointed his gun at her. In shock, Ms. Kee gave him all the money in the cash register, which had just 4,000 baht.

The man took the money and the phone refill card. He then threatened her not to follow him outside the store. “I came with plenty of my companions, so if you come to look, you’ll be beaten,” he said.

Then the robber ran out of the shop. Ms. Kee did not know if the robber had come alone, or with companions, because she did not dare to go and look. She then heard the sound of the motorcycle riding away toward soi Wat Tung Grad. After it happened, Ms. Kee went into shock and broke into tears. She cried out for Ms. Sakunrat to report the robbery to the manager and the police.

The police checked the store’s CCTVs that had footage of the robber, whose appearance was like Ms. Kee had mentioned. But the police could not clearly see the face of the man because of his helmet. The police co-operated with the area police to look out for and intercept the suspect, but they did not find him.

Ms. Kee reported that she could remember the robber’s face. She said that he seemed familiar, like he had bought stuff from the store before. If she saw him again, she would recognize him.

The police believe that the gunman had an accomplice, and they had planned the holdup beforehand. The thieves wanted to strike late at night when it was quiet, and not many people were around. Police speculated that the robbers wanted some money to travel for the New Year’s festival.

The police gathered evidence and thoroughly questioned the witnesses at the crime scene. The tape from the CCTV will be sent to the detective team. A sketch will be made of the gunman’s face from the CCTV footage, and police will continue to investigate to track down the suspects to prosecute.


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