Former civil servant shot dead in Narathiwat’s Rangae district

Naratiwat in Thailand's Deep South

Naratiwat in Thailand's Deep South. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

NARATHIWAT, Dec 24 – A former Tambon Administrative Organisation (TAO) deputy chief in Rangae district was shot dead on Saturday while visiting his mother.

The victim identified as Mr Halibaba Salae, 38, was conversing with his mother in front of her home. A pick-up truck pulled up across the street, and two gunmen in the back shot him approximately ten times with an M-16 rifle and an AK-47, resulting in his immediate death. Mr Salae’s mother escaped injury.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the incident with suspicion it involves security issues.

In a separate incident, a local man was shot and cut by a knife in Rueso district, seriously injuring him.

Mr Masupiya Yuso was shot by a pistol in his abdomen and right arm, while he was also slashed with a knife on his chin and head.

The man was sent to Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital in the provincial seat for treatment.

According to an investigation, three attackers in a pick-up truck parked their vehicle not far from the victim’s residence. They pretended to ask Mr Masupiya for help claiming they were running out of gasoline and wanted him to buy some fuel for them.

One of the attackers took the victim’s motorcycle, while another one ran back to the pick-up truck and escaped.

Officials initially suspected the incident arose from personal conflicts but security issues were also a concern.


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