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Yingluck Shinawatra hosted her first weekly TV program, focusing on flood solutions

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BANGKOK 2 October, 2011 (NNT) – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinnawatra hosted her first weekly television program during which she emphasized quicker relief operations for flood victims particularly in the 12 hardest-hit provinces.

During the program “Yingluck meets the people”, which is a weekly TV show scheduled every Saturday on state-run channel NBT, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to communicate with the public regarding the ongoing devastating floods in several provinces. She said that she was extremely grateful to His Majesty the King’s royal concerns for the situation as well as moral supports and solutions graciously provided.

The Prime Minister admitted this year’s flooding was critical and that all related agencies had been recruited to deal with the problem. However, she said that because Thailand had experienced continuous storms since July, the situation remained far from returning to normalcy.

Concerning the 12 hardest-stricken provinces including Lop Buri and Sing Buri, Ms. Yingluck stressed that the government was not complacent and had been trying its best to alleviate flooding especially regarding the malfunctioned Bang Chom Si water gate in Sing Buri.

The premier continued to say that water management would be set as a national agenda, saying water experts and specialists would work together to brainstorm ideas to deal with the problem. She added that His Majesty’s royally initiated flood management Monkey cheek and the growing of vetiver grass as water barrier would become the core strategies.

Commenting on public donation worth nearly 370 million THB, Prime Minister Yingluck said the government would use the money effectively and transparently, adding that a certain amount of money would be set aside to provide double compensation for the deaths at 50,000 THB each.

Those affected by floods can call the government’s hotline 1784 for assistance 24 hours a day.

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