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Thailand floods collapses 23 provinces, 2 million victims, 200 deaths

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BANGKOK, 2 October 2011 (NNT) – The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Thailand reports excess water levels in various regions of Thailand

According to the Department, due to heavy rains, water levels are gradually on the rise. Up to 90 millimeters of rainwater in the Sakon Nakhon province had resulted in an increase of water level in the local reservoir. An estimate of a 90 percent of the total reservoir capacity was substantially different from last year’s record. The findings also included the Sirikit and Bhumibol reservoirs.

Meanwhile, the Department revealed that 23 provinces are suffering from the flooding. Almost 2 million people have been affected by the catastrophe and casualties have been more than 200 deaths. The Department further added that water levels in the central region would not stabilize soon.

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